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Improper shutdown and other issues, after upgrade

On upgrading a Debian fileserver from 7.3 to 8.2 recently, I found that the shutdown process seemed impossibly fast. I did wonder if this was an improvement in the new release, but on seeing fsck run on a subsequent boot, I realised it was not so much a shutdown as an instant poweroff. A spot of Web searching suggested systemd as the culprit -it seemingly is a common cause. Removal cured the improper shutdowns and a couple of other issues. In fact, it turned out that ALL of the issues encountered in this upgrade were caused by systemd. Had it not been foisted on us, the upgrade would have been plain sailing.

This makes me wonder just how many such systems are already out there, doing improper shutdowns, and the (inexperienced) owner thinks this is great because the shutdown is so fast. They will probably continue to think so until one day the computer fails to boot because the disk has been corrupted. Even then, they may be unaware of what caused the problem. They will most likely blame the disk. Perhaps an advisory notice to all users of systemd-based distros would be in order, detailing how to check for improper shutdowns.

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